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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Little Kia and Sgt. Joe - oh, and CAKE!

We have some GOOD news here. Joe is now Sgt. Joe Campbell - at least for pay purposes. He made the points cut-off. He had 577 and the cut-off was 571! WHEW! As of March 1, his pay will reflect the rank, and today we bought a ton of patches and will spend even more money to get them all sewn on his uniforms - they are at alterations now. He just finished his EMT refresher course so now he has to send in some paperwork and money and he will be good for 2 more years. Sometime in the next week two the unit will pound his rank into his chest and he will "officially" be a SGT. Joe doesn't care if he wears E-2 rank for the rest of his life, as long as he gets the E-5 pay benefits. We also realized with his promotion he will have the highest enlisted rank of anyone in our direct family (Dad, he outranks you and Stan!)

Another funny thing has happened... Ceilidha has an imaginary friend. If you haven't noticed, Ceilidha says her name "Kia" and so her imagionary friend's name is "Little Kia." You can hold her in the palm of your hand, and she just appears every now and then. Sometimes Little Kia is hungry or cold, and so Ceilidha would like some food for both of them. She also finds things like water bottle caps to use as Little Kia's sippy cups or she will use a cup to give Little Kia a bubble bath. Today I sat on Little Kia and Ceilidha screamed at me. Then I had to kiss her better. Ceilidha loses her friend a lot too. I will be in one room packing and in another room I will hear her yelling, "Little Kia, where are you? Where are you Little Kia?" Pretty funny.

Oh, another funny thing is Ceilidha is she loves to draw, but she draws "Scary Grandpas" - not happy, or funny, or smiling Grandpa's - they are Scary Grandpas. It is way funny! LOL And she is always feeding us imagionary chicken and french fries. Just randomly she will say, "Mommy, here is your chicken." or "Daddy, I bought your french fries, here, eat them."

On a bad note, we found my couch cushion (I really wanted a new couch - and the Army to pay for it) - and I still can't find my Cake Decorating kit. That one makes me mad. Once I find it, and as soon as everything is unpacked, I will teach a basic Cake decorating class using all the skills Kim Ence, from Georgia, taught me.

Thanks KIM!!! I hope we have as much fun here as we did with you. I know I'm not qualified to teach anything, but it will be fun to muddle through it together with some friends from here - adn this way I have an excuse to eat TONs of CAKE!!!


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