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Monday, April 03, 2006

Joe is FAST & can sing

Joe and I have been pretty busy lately helping put on a ward musical of sorts. It is "From Cumorah's Hill" and we are really enjoying it. I have been put in charge as "production manager" and but of us are singing in the choir. For someone who only sees "little black dots on a bunch of lines" Joe has been doing really well. We practice once a week and Ceilidha seems to like coming to practice with us. She sings along and just plays.

Joe also showed us that his other talents are only getting better. Today he ran his first PT test here in Germany and ran his two mile in ... GET THIS - 9:59!!!! He broke the 10 minute mark! He is so excited and we are so proud of him. He is just hoping because he did it that his unit will let him do PT on his own - yeah right.

I have been making cakes and treats lately - and trying not to eat to many of them. I was asked by a lady in our Bunko Group to make an "Incredibles" cake for her 7 year old son's birthday. I did it, and it turned out great. But I realized for all the time, energy and money I put into the cake, I barely broke even. Then her friend came to the party and liked the cake so much she wantes me to make one for her son's party this weekend. So I need to get cracking on making a "Fantazstic Four" cake. Should be fun, I guess.

We went to a unit Easter Party on Saturday and I took some photos there of kids playing in and around the Medivac choppers. The commanders wife wants me to help with a unit newsletter. I told her only if I can photograph missions and send stories off to Star And Stripes or Soldier's Mag. So, if that works out, at least I can do something. I contacted the Church News too and they said they will use me as a German journalist, when or if they have stories here, so don't hold your breath. I guess when the right job comes, I will know it!


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